Toys for boys – woodworking with my son

Over the last year, I’ve done various wood working projects with my son. Now he is only 4 years old, so the projects are relatively small and can be finished in a relatively short time.

It has become custom to do it on Sunday afternoons, after his nap, when he climbs out of his bed and he walks to the living room. He is still so sleepy, he can barely stand on his feet and then he asks “Klussen papa?” (Literally : “Do-it-yourself daddy?”). Well, how can you refuse such a request :-)?

Most of the projects focus on his interests, so toys, toys and toys.



This was fun project. Eventhough I told him what we were going to make, it somehow didn’t completely landed. When we were about 90% finished, he took as small break and suddenly exclaimed excitedly “It is a crocodile!” and he wanted to run off with his paint covered hands to tell mummy…  Painting it was fun as well! I was amazed that it took him such a long time to finish such a small part. Until I found out he was so enthusiast in the application of paint that he had made hole in crocodile body and every time he started painting he stared there and accidentally wiped of his brush

The crocodile body is made of an egg carton with room for 10 eggs and is glued upside down to the board. The mouth is made of a smaller egg carton for six eggs. This carton is split in half the top half (eq. the lid) is glued upside down to the board, the bottom part (eq. the half normally carrying the eggs) is glued to the body, so it is slightly open.

The outside painted green with some kind of finger paint. The inside of the mouth is painted red. The white teeth were cut from ordinary 80 gr.  A4 office paper and are actually quit flimsy. Same for the eyes.

For gluing I used ordinary wood glue. The board is/was a scrap of MDF circa 100 mm x 450 mm and circa 15 mm thick. To the bottom of this board I glued three wooden sticks slightly longer than board width. The wheels used were left overs from work, ordinary hand wheels to be used with a manually operated tap. They were fastened to the sticks with some 4x 40mm screws. A small rope connected to the front made it possible to drag the croc around the house.


Police gun