Walkie-talkie (1)

Lately my 6 year old son has gotten interested in walkie-talkies. Now, I could go to the nearest toy-store and buy something but where is the fun in that? Since, he is getting more interested in technology it would be nice to design something that he can, at least to some extend, help me with assembling.

Easy to build
Low cost
Crystal controlled
Sensitive Receiver

Design goals:

  • Usage of ham bands, so it is legal
  • No spurious emissions
  • Auto power-off (I think you don’t need to have kids to understand why … )
  • Low-power transmitter, just the end of the street
  • Sensitive receiver to match
  • Need to build at least two, so no exotic parts
  • Battery powered and thus low power consumption

The set-up of the transceiver will be quit simple:

The transceiver will by default always be in receive mode. Unless the Press-To-Talk button is pressed during which short time it will transmit. At other moments the transmitter will be switched off to conserve power. (The auto-power off function is not shown in the block diagram).

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