Scope probe storage

Usually the workbench is cluttered with oscilloscope probes, serial cables, programming adapters and the like. Before a cable can be used it first needs to be liberated from beneath a pile of projects. While doing so, you accidentally move a wire on your current project which shortens out an essential part of which you do not posses any spares in your junk box and of course it is Saturday 1701h so the shops have just closed for the weekend…. 🙁

Even it doesn’t describe your workbench, this could still be a very usefull project! It pays to be carefull with your oscilloscope probes. The tips are tiny and easy to damage and the coax cable to you scope is tiny and fragile…

VHS-HZ-200 cover

The idea is to use the boxes of discarded VHS tapes as storage for your important tools on the bench. It cost’s nothing but some paper for the new cover. A true Scotman’s delight!

VHS scope probe storage

The VHS tape cover is discarded. A new cover is made with an image of the device and some of the most important data for reference on the back.

A VHS box can easily store an oscilloscope probe together with some additional utilities:

I’ve made cassette covers for oscilloscope probes, FTDI serial cables, ATmel ICE and ATmel ISP MkII programmers and a few others. You can download them below.

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