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    SMT DIP adapter PCB from TI

    PA3COR TI SMT DIP adapter EVM

    If you like prototyping but find it’s a nuisance to mess around with small, all too common, SMT packages, the Texas Instruments SMT DIP adapter kit might be something for you.

    The DIP adapter kit supports six of the most popular industry-standard packages, including:

    • D and U (SOIC-8)
    • PW (TSSOP-8)
    • DGK (MSOP-8, VSSOP-8)
    • DBV (SOT23-6, SOT23-5 and SOT23-3)
    • DCK (SC70-6 and SC70-5)
    • DRL (SOT563-6)

    There are six coupon boards per supported package type,  so in total 30 adapter PCBs. It comes complete with terminal strips. Best of all it costs only $10.00 USD!

    You can find more information or order the SMT DIP adapter kit HERE

    I don’t have any stock or interest in TI, nor do I get paid, I just found it a neat and cheap solution.

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